Congratulations Abiy Ahmed Ali

Photo: Johannes Granseth / Nobel Peace Center

Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abyi Ahmed Ali is the winner of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize

PublishedOct 11, 2019
AuthorChristian Berg


Abyi has been awarded the prize for his efforts to create peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Abyi has been the Prime Minister in Ethiopia since April 2018 and has since then made it clear that he wanted to resume the peace talks with Eritrea. The peace agreement between the two countries was signed the same year. Crucial for the agreement was Abyis willingness to accept a ruling made by the international boundary commission for the countries back in 2002.

"Peace does not arise from the actions of one party alone. When Prime Minister Abiy reached out his hand, President Afwerki grasped it, and helped to formalise the peace process between the two countries."

This was announced by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. They now hope the agreement will help bring positive changes to the people of both countries.

"This year´s Nobel Peace Prize to Abiy Ahmed Ali is exciting because the peace process between Ethiopia and Eritrea is still ongoing"
Liv Tørres, Executive Director of the Nobel Peace Center

Similar prizes has previously been awarded by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, such as in 2016 when they awarded the then President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos.

This is the eighth time a recipient on the African continent has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and this year´s award highlights the positive developments on the continent. In addition to the peace agreement with Eritrea, Abyi has been engaged in other peace and reconciliation processes in East and Northeast Africa, among these the longlasting conflict between Kenya and Somalia.
Writes the Nobel Committee.


The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize is the 100th time the Prize has been awarded, and it will be the 15th time the Nobel Peace Center will create an exhibition about the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition will open the day after the Peace Prize ceremony, 11th December.

"We only have 8 weeks to create a complete exhibition, and that is not a lot of time. So our work begins already today "
says Tørres.


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