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Support from private sponsors and the grant from the Ministry of Culture form the backbone of the Nobel Peace Center. A fruitful collaboration with our sponsors is key for presenting exciting experiences for the public.

Hydro  is a proud partner of the Nobel Peace Center.

We all know that business cannot succeed in societies that fail. Strong communities, countries and society ultimately rests on the strength of its institutions. With our 35,000 employees spread across more than 140 locations, where we are often the largest employer in a smaller community.

From the fjords of Norway where we utilized the natural forces of the local waterfalls to obtain energy for industrial production to our operations in fragile rainforests of Brazil – we need to always work together with the communities in which we operate to ensure to be a good neighbor and resource.

Therefore, we are proud to sponsor the Nobel Peace Center.

Hydro’s mission is to create a more viable society. A society that is not peaceful is not viable. Peace is good for people, people are good for business, and business is good for peace. We fully support the ideals of unity, cooperation and mutual coexistence that the prime minister has been consistently championing. Peace does not arise from the actions of one party alone. We need to unite. In the center of this is dialogue. This is why we appreciate the opportunity to work with the Nobel Peace Center to engage in important dialogue between society and business.

Want to know more about our collaboration?

Read more about our peace bench "The Greatest Weapon" - made entirely out of aluminium from Hydro.

Want to know more about Hydro?

Headquartered in Norway, Hydro is rooted in more than a century of expertise in hydropower, development of technology and product innovation. Hydro is present within all market segments for aluminium, from production of the primary metal to recycling and repurposing it. Their sales and trading activities throughout the value chain serve more than 30,000 customers. Click here for more.

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Opening Hours

Tuesday -Sunday 12:00 pm. - 6:00 pm.


Adult: 120 NOK

Student & Senior: 90 NOK

Children (12-18): 50 NOK

Children under 12: Free

Family (2 adults/ x children under 18): 240 NOK

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates: Free

Nobel Peace Center

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